Welcome to Organic Spoon!


Welcome to Organic Spoon! Some of you may be wondering why the name has changed from Two Kitchens One Lifestyle to Organic Spoon. Well, the lovely Raine who I used to run Two Kitchens with is fulfilling her dream of opening a yoga and pilates studio so just doesn’t have the time to devote to recipes anymore so it’s just me – Lauren – on my own! I want to take this opportunity to wish Raine the best of luck with her very exciting venture. I know we’ll remain lifelong friends regardless and hopefully still do our ‘virtual’ baking every so often!

I had wanted to change the layout of the website for a while as it wasn’t the most user-friendly, and the name TWO kitchens isn’t really accurate anymore so it seemed like a great time to rebrand.

So what will change? I will still be posting the same sort of recipes using only chemical free, ‘happy’ ingredients that everybody’s bodies love, but I will also now be posting baby food recipes – just a little something to give other mums ideas and inspiration for your little ones, things that are easy and accessible but totally healthy – along with other motherhood-related posts; tips and suggestions when it comes to yours and your baby’s health, as well as possibly sometimes a good old moan! I will also be moving my general blogging over from www.laurenvaknine.com to here. This website is about sustaining a healthy lifestyle through food and all my blogging is health-related so I figured it best to combine the two so that you can all be a part of what I do daily – whether it be motherhood, cooking, the articles I write, my books or my charity work and speaking engagements. It’s all about one thing: NATURAL HEALTH and I’d love my Organic Spoon followers so join me on my journey of remission maintenance and continued health.

So I hope you enjoy the new layout of the site but it’s still under construction so please bear with me!

If you have any suggestions, comments or would just like to get in touch, please do, I’d love to hear from you.

Love and health,

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