Lauren’s Favourite Green Juice

green juice

It is difficult to consume enough of the plants we need to sustain ourselves with the right nutrients. By juicing, we help fill our bodies with these nutrients and cleanse the cells. This creates new, healthier cells instead of feeding old ones with what they need for cancer to emerge. Since our cells constantly regenerate, we can get rid of disease altogether if we do the right things.

I like to start my day with a refreshing green juice. Now, if you’ve never juiced before, green juices might look horrible, but your taste buds do get used to it – it only takes three weeks to create a habit! – and I make them taste yummy with limes! It is hard to advise on exact quantities with juices as I don’t measure mine out, I just make enough for a glass so you may have to play around with yours to get used to how much you need of each ingredient. If I say ‘a bunch of kale’, just experiment!


1 apple
A bunch of kale
A bunch of spinach
2 sticks celery
Half a cucumber
1 inch of fresh ginger
Juice of one lime
1 tsb Organic Burst Spirulina (optional)


Simply put all ingredients except the lime juice and spirulina into the juicer. Add to your glass and mix in the lime and spirulina and add an ice cube. Drink and enjoy!



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