The Only Green Juice Recipe You’ll Ever Need

Green Juice

I probably mention them too much (and they don’t even pay me to!) but I just love Able & Cole for their weekly boxes. This week I ordered a juicing box on top of my usual box and pantry stuff.

This juice is full of every nutrient you need to start your day and cleanse your body of its toxins. This is serious immune-boosting, cancer cell-fighting goodness.

Guess who else loved it? Yup – Braxton loves his green juice and he’s only 10 months!


Big handful spinach
Big handful kale
Half a cucumber
3 celery sticks
1 apple
1 inch of fresh ginger
Small handful mint
Small handful parsley
1 lemon


Simply put all the ingredients except the lemon through the juicer, then squeeze the lemon into the cup once it’s done and mix.

Add a couple of ice cubes to make it even more refreshing.

Love & health,

Spirulina Smoothie

Green Spirulina Smoothie

I felt like I needed to be super-duper healthy today, so I picked up the greenest vegetables I could find in my fridge and stuck them in the juicer. Once I was done juicing them, I added them to the blender with a spoonful of spirulina and voila! Spirulina is so thick and icky if you don’t blend it – it can really put you off so make sure you blend it!

Read these amazing facts on spirulina, provided by the amazing Organic Burst where I buy all my superfoods:

  • Supports the immune system. Vitamin B6 and iron in our spirulina powder supports the immune system.
  • Healthy brain and cognitive function. Organic Burst Spirulina powder is rich in Vitamin B6 and contains iron that are known to support healthy cognitive function, in other words your brain power!
  • Weight management. Taken one hour before meals, Organic Burst Spirulina powder can naturally promote the feeling of fullness and prevent over-eating.
  • Healthy heart. Thiamine in Organic Burst Spirulina contributes to the normal function of the heart.
  • Rich, complete and digestible protein source. Spirulina powder is very rich in protein (60-70%), containing 18 amino acids including all essential amino acids. According to studies, spirulina has a very high protein efficiency ratio (PER). Protein in spirulina is four times more absorbable than protein in beef.


Big handful kale
Big handful spring greens
2 celery sticks
Half a cucumber
1 inch fresh ginger
1 lime
1 tsp spirulina


Put all ingredients apart from spirulina and lime in the juicer. Once juiced, add to blender with the juice of one lime and the spirulina and blend on high for a minute with 4 ice cubes,

You are now positively buzzing and vibrating with healthy, clean cells!

Lauren 🙂

Pretty in Pink Valentine’s Juice


I felt like something pink and sweet on this Valentine’s morning so I made this beautiful juice!

Originally from Persia, the pomegranate has been revered as a symbol of health, fertility and eternal life for thousands of years. I’m always amazed at how nature gives us clues as to which fruit or vegetable is good for a certain part of our bodies. There is something heart-like about a pomegranate when you open it, with its blood-red seeds and white membranes. Pomegranate contains a unique compound called punicalagin, which is excellent for heart health. It lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, and increases the rate at which arterial blockages melt away. The antioxidants in pomegranate also help to prevent stroke and heart attack.

Radishes eliminate toxins, aid digestion and prevent viral infections.

Ingredients (serves 2)

1 pomegranate, skin and membranes discarded (you don’t have to spend half an hour picking out every little piece of membrane – just the majority of it!)
3 radishes
1 lime (you can juice the skin)
1 medium cucumber
a few sprigs of mint
1 red pepper


Put everything through your juicer. Add ice if you like.

Health & happiness!


Beautiful Beetroot Juice

Beetroot Juice

It’s funny how nature helps us know what we need. When you juice beetroot it looks like blood and it just so happens that the primary benefit that beetroot has on our health, is for our blood. It helps normalise blood pressure and increases the flow of blood to the brain – great for concentration and creativity! Beetroot also has a detox effect on the liver so if you’re carrying a lot of toxins, having more than one raw beetroot at a time may make you feel a little queezy. If you’ve never had raw beets before, go slow. The more you have over time, the more your liver will be used to it and you’ll find it will help you to detox.

I got my Abel & Cole box of organic fruit and veg delivered today (as I do every Monday) and there was a huge bunch of beets in there so I decided to juice some, save some more for juicing over the week, and I lightly steamed some to have ready to use in salads for lunches.

I added some other veg to this, ones I think go particularly well…


2 raw beetroot
3 sticks celery
4 large carrots
1 handful spinach


Juice in a juicer (in a blender you’ll need less)…


Dark Green Juice for Dark London Days

Dark Green Juice

It’s a gloomy old day in London Town today, so I woke up and made a strong green juice to boost my immune system. I added Organic Burst Spirulina because it supports the immune system and is a rich, bio-available protein containing 18 amino acids.


Half a cucumber
4 sticks of celery
1 small bag of spinach
1 fennel bulb
1 tsp spirulina powder
Juice of 1 lime


Juice all ingredients except spirulina and lime. Once juiced, add lime juice and mix in the spirulina. Add an ice cube to make it more refreshing!


Raine’s Favourite Green Juice

green juice
Drinking green juice on an empty stomach when you wake up gives you a boost of nutrients that will give you energy for the day, heal your cells and fight off free-radicals (the nasty stuff that causes cancer.) I drink one just about every morning, and on the days that I don’t have a juice I can really feel the difference.
If you’ve never had a green or any vegetable juice before it may take you some time to get used to it, but I promise it will be worth it. If my husband can get used to it (and now even love it) then anyone can! On a hot summer morning it’s super refreshing, and in the winter months it gives your body everything it needs to fight off colds and flu.

The general rule is that you should juice your veg but eat your fruit (as is or blended in a smoothie.) This is because fruit is high in natural sugars so you need the fibre in the fruit to prevent a blood-sugar spike.
However, if you’re new to juicing, I recommend that you start off with a little bit less of the really strong tasting stuff (spinach, kale, broccoli etc) and use more of the easy-drinking vegetables (carrot, beetroot, celery, cucumber) along with fruit (apple, pineapple, grapes etc.) As you get used to it you can increase the vegetables and decrease the fruit. After all, what’s the point of making one really strong juice and then never having another?!
Over time you’ll start to enjoy the taste of the vegetables and will only need half an apple, or eventually none at all.

I make juice with whatever fresh vegetables, fruit, herbs and spices (fresh ginger or turmeric, sometimes even chilli!) I have available. I like to mix it up. This is one of my favourite combinations – I love the liquorice flavour of the fennel and it goes really well with the lime and lemongrass.

Ingredients (serves 2)

A big handful of kale or spinach
6 baby fennel or 1 large bulb
3/4 of a large English cucumber
2 limes
a knob of ginger (not too much if you’re not used to it)
a knob of turmeric (optional – great anti-inflammatory properties)
a stick of lemongrass
a handful of white grapes, or 1 – 2 apples
a few leaves of mint


I highly recommend a slow, masticating juicer over a centrifugal juicer, as it preserves nutrients and gets maximum juice out of your ingredients, especially when it comes to leafy greens. (But juice from a centrifugal juicer is better than no juice at all!)
The money you spend on a quality slow juicer, such as an Oscar or Hurom, will be well worth it and will save you in doctor’s bills in the future.

When juicing in a slow juicer, always do your leafy greens first and don’t try to shove too much in at once – give the machine a chance to do its thing.

You can also check out Lauren’s Favourite Green Juice.

Health and happiness!


Blood Orange & Jaffa Orange Juice

blood and jaffa

These winter days (in London, not in South Africa where Raine is sunning herself!) need lots of vitamin C and anti-oxidants, so some days I may make a fruit juice instead of a green vegetable juice. Today I really craved oranges and the lovely people at Abel & Cole sent me a box full of them!


3 Jaffa oranges
3 blood oranges



Peel the oranges, leaving the pith on, and juice! Simples!


Lauren’s Favourite Green Juice

green juice

It is difficult to consume enough of the plants we need to sustain ourselves with the right nutrients. By juicing, we help fill our bodies with these nutrients and cleanse the cells. This creates new, healthier cells instead of feeding old ones with what they need for cancer to emerge. Since our cells constantly regenerate, we can get rid of disease altogether if we do the right things.

I like to start my day with a refreshing green juice. Now, if you’ve never juiced before, green juices might look horrible, but your taste buds do get used to it – it only takes three weeks to create a habit! – and I make them taste yummy with limes! It is hard to advise on exact quantities with juices as I don’t measure mine out, I just make enough for a glass so you may have to play around with yours to get used to how much you need of each ingredient. If I say ‘a bunch of kale’, just experiment!


1 apple
A bunch of kale
A bunch of spinach
2 sticks celery
Half a cucumber
1 inch of fresh ginger
Juice of one lime
1 tsb Organic Burst Spirulina (optional)


Simply put all ingredients except the lime juice and spirulina into the juicer. Add to your glass and mix in the lime and spirulina and add an ice cube. Drink and enjoy!