The Only Green Juice Recipe You’ll Ever Need

Green Juice

I probably mention them too much (and they don’t even pay me to!) but I just love Able & Cole for their weekly boxes. This week I ordered a juicing box on top of my usual box and pantry stuff.

This juice is full of every nutrient you need to start your day and cleanse your body of its toxins. This is serious immune-boosting, cancer cell-fighting goodness.

Guess who else loved it? Yup – Braxton loves his green juice and he’s only 10 months!


Big handful spinach
Big handful kale
Half a cucumber
3 celery sticks
1 apple
1 inch of fresh ginger
Small handful mint
Small handful parsley
1 lemon


Simply put all the ingredients except the lemon through the juicer, then squeeze the lemon into the cup once it’s done and mix.

Add a couple of ice cubes to make it even more refreshing.

Love & health,

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